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Triathlon - Tri it! You'll love it!

The Canberra Junior Triathlon Club is dedicated to providing children of all ages the opportunity to experience the exciting sport of triathlon. Our program begins with Little T’s Triathlon, a fun and engaging training program that introduces kids to the basics of triathlon and is the only program of its kind in Canberra.

Even if your child already participates in other sports such as swimming, cycling, or running, they can still take part in triathlon. Little T’s helps them develop and improve a variety of basic motor skills that can benefit them in other athletic pursuits.

Our programs are designed with three levels in mind: participation, potential, and pathway. After completing Little T’s, children can progress to any of the three levels, which are typically intended for kids aged 13 and above. Whether your child wants to simply participate in triathlons or take the sport more seriously, our programs provide opportunities for them to improve and advance.

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3 Pillars of CJTC


Term 1 Registration

Stromlo Leisure Centre
Term 1 2024 – 29 January to 31 March 2024

9 Weeks

Little T’s Triathlon & Swim Training – 7-12 years

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Canberra Junior Triathlon Club Training – 13-19 years

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Membership Info

Yes, it is encouraged for all members of the Canberra Junior Triathlon Club/Little T’s Triathlon to join Triathlon Australia/Triathlon ACT and select the Canberra Junior Triathlon Club as their local community club. Junior membership is important for insurance and eligibility to participate in events without additional fees. The membership fee also supports the club’s programs and pays for coaches and uniforms.

Little T's Triathlon
& Swimming

Little T's is a program that combines the sports of triathlon and swimming to provide children with an opportunity to participate in multiple sports. This type of program is designed to introduce children to the basics of triathlon and swimming, while also promoting physical fitness and healthy habits. The program typically includes training in swimming, cycling, and running, and includes nutrition and safety education.

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Little T's

Swim squad coaching for young children should focus on technique across all strokes, while also keeping the lessons fun and engaging. It's important to challenge the children gradually as they progress, helping them to become confident swimmers. This can be achieved through a combination of drills, skill-building exercises, and fun games that help to develop proper technique and build endurance. Additionally, it's important to have a positive and encouraging coaching style, as this can help to build the children's confidence and motivation to continue improving.

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Little T's

Swimming, biking, running, and learning specific skills are all great activities for children to participate in as they promote physical fitness, coordination, and overall well-being. Additionally, participating in a program like this can also help children develop confidence, discipline, and teamwork skills.

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Canberra Junior Triathlon Club

Introducing the Canberra Junior Triathlon club (CJT) - a new club for the 2022 season designed for young athletes ages 7-19 years old. Led by Australia's top coaching team, the CJT offers a fun and engaging training environment where members can develop their skills as confident and skilled athletes. We place a strong emphasis on not just athletic development, but also on teaching essential social skills such as good sportsmanship, respect, and a positive attitude towards training and competition. Join us for an exciting and rewarding season!

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"Unleash your child's potential and help them excel in swim, bike, and run with our Term 1 program starting January 30th, 2023. Give them the opportunity to stay active and improve their skills while having fun. Don't wait, register today!"

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