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The Pathway program is designed exclusively for our exceptional junior athletes who possess remarkable abilities, outstanding skills, and the mental fortitude required to wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to the sport, with the potential to represent the ACT at both state and national levels. This program caters to juniors aged 13 years and above, providing them with an optimal platform to advance their athletic careers.

Juniors enrolled in the Pathway program benefit from personalized coaching, ensuring that their individual needs and goals are prioritized. These athletes have the privilege of participating in tailored training sessions, which are supplemented by weekly squad sessions throughout the year. Such a comprehensive approach guarantees a well-rounded development that encompasses technical expertise, physical fitness, and strategic understanding.

Discipline and unwavering dedication are fundamental qualities expected from juniors participating in the Pathway program. It is essential for these aspiring athletes to consistently strive for improvement, surpassing their previous performances and setting new benchmarks. This commitment to constant growth and self-improvement serves as a driving force within the program.

To ensure the attainment of their full potential, juniors in the Pathway program are required to engage in rigorous training routines. Depending on their age and skill level, they must commit to between one and two training sessions daily. This intense training regimen is tailored to suit their specific needs, fostering gradual progress and preparing them for the challenges they will encounter at higher levels of competition.

By providing a nurturing environment, top-tier coaching, and a structured training schedule, the Pathway program empowers junior athletes to embark on a journey towards excellence. With their exceptional talent and the program’s unwavering support, these juniors are poised to make remarkable strides in their athletic careers, representing both the ACT and the nation on prestigious platforms.


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