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As part of the Little T’s Triathlon Program we encourage all participants to join the Canberra Junior Triathlon Club which is affiliated with Triathlon ACT/Triathlon Australia.

For a small fee the club membership fee goes back into supporting the kids in the Canberra Junior Triathlon Programs. These include:

  • Little T’s Triathlon – 7-13 years – participation entry level
  • Junior Development Program – 12-19 years entry level, potential pathway
  • Performance Program – U23/Elite or an athlete that is competing at a State/National Level
  • Triathlon ACT Triathlon Academy – Selected/Invited to join

Joining Triathlon Australian/Triathlon ACT provides insurance for them in training and competing. It also provides a range of other benefits. See below for more information.

Please ensure you register through the Triathlon Australia membership portal:
– select the appropriate junior membership and select Canberra Junior Triathlon as your club.

Choosing a squad/club provides you with a discounted Triathlon Australia membership when choosing Canberra Junior Triathlon as your Club. It is strongly encouraged to be a member of Triathlon Australia/Triathlon ACT.

We hope to see you at a training session soon.

Further information on our training programs see below:


Membership is seperate to term registration fees.

Membership Options

For junior athletes who are ready to train and compete this Summer, we offer three membership options:

1️⃣ Junior Basic – $65 (TA) + $30 (CJTC membership): Ideal for those seeking a lighter experience, focusing on training with the club or participating in swimming or running activities on an occasional basis. Perfect for Little T’s who are part of our weekly swim programs.

2️⃣ Junior Standard – $85 (TA) + $30 (CJTC membership): The essential package for our typical club members. Gain access to comprehensive training, exciting competitions, and a wide range of member benefits.

3️⃣ Junior Premium – $140 (TA) + $30 (CJTC membership): Designed for avid triathletes who crave additional value and benefits from their membership. Train and compete regularly with extra perks!

If you’re an adult who wants to support junior development without being directly affiliated with a club, but still want the benefits of a Triathlon Australia (TA) membership, we have options for you too:

1️⃣ Adult Basic – $115 (TA) + $30 (CJTC membership)

2️⃣ Adult Standard – $175 (TA) + $30 (CJTC membership)

3️⃣ Adult Premium – $275 (TA) + $30 (CJTC membership)

Note: you can be a member of 2 clubs and still support junior development for as low as $30.


Membership is seperate to term registration fees.